Silence valley

Silence valley of qeshm-hormuz and hormozgan

To get to the natural areas of the silent valley in Hormuz as natural attraction of island, you have to walk a few hundred yards to enjoy the salt landscape in this valley, reach the rocky wall at the end of this path and enjoy its unique beauty. Be amazed Specific silence in this valley.



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About Silence valley in Hormuz

Since rock salt releases a very positive energy, after having spent some of your time in the valley, you will surely have a great deal of energy, which is why this valley is also called the Energy Valley.

Ax Salt valley of Hormuz

The name of this valley is the Ax-salt valley, or the silence valley, the reason for its naming is because the rock gems of this valley are very difficult, as in the past, to use the ax to separate the salt from the mountains of this area.

In this part of the valley, you can see the wonderful mountains covered with crystalline salts, seeing this mountain, the image of a cleric and his companions, all of which are white on her shoulders. Some people attribute this mountain form to the Prophet Muhammad and some to the Prophet Jesus with their personal impressions.

Hormuz Crystal or Meditation Cave

A cave of meditation or silence, a small cave located near the silence valley, and you can reach the center of the valley, the cave is a place of meditation and indigenous peoples of the island. A cave that needs to go up a few yards to get into it, walk a few steps down and then you will get to a small hall where the walls are covered with stones and beautiful crystals of salt.

There are crystals in the cave where the water drops like rain and gives the sound of water, and it's more interesting here that it is not clear where the water goes and makes it tremendously silent.

The "Goddess of Salt Firoozy" cave, which locals call the salt goddess. The presence of a variety of colors in the salt body of this cave is one of the most important features of this beautiful geological work.

Address of Silence Valley

silence valley,Hormuz islnd,Hormuzgan. Iran

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