Shirz ,shirez or shiraz valley and canyon

Shirz ,shirez or shiraz valley and canyon of lorestan and iran

The shirz canyon as natural attraction of Lorestan is enclosed with rocks and walls with a height of 150 to 200 meters and is known as the "Grand Canyon" of Iran. The natural form of the rocks and stairs of this strait has been in existence for thousands of years. The sedimentary rocks here have become interesting and unique in dealing with rainwater, wind and snow.



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About Shirz Canyon(Shirez) Attraction in Lorestan

A beautiful combination of rocky cliffs, flowing water and lush plains, and you will reach the waterfall and the cave after passing through the pleasing passageways.

Shirz canyon(shirez) also has ancient sites of the Stone Age. These areas also include works from the cave life that attracted much attention. This natural attraction is considered as a unique geographical phenomenon and one of the attractions of geotourism in Iran and has been nationalized.

shirz canyon(shirez) has created one of the least attractive geo-tourism attractions in the Zagros Fusion.

The special shape of the rocks, the fresh water that flows in the valley and the pristine nature, undoubtedly worth visiting and surfing.

This place is surrounded by walls 150 to 200 m high. The slope of these walls begins at an altitude of less than 10 meters near the village of Gardagh, reaching its peak in the canyon's seven hills and valleys. The small slope of the entrance behind the open and flat openings along the river gives us an opportunity to stop in the shade of the trees and listen to the sound of the passage of water.

Life-giving springs, rolling rivers and beautiful waterfalls have given the pristine nature a spectacular view of the area. The name of this spectacular Shirzankiv region, which shines like a Neghini among Iran. This strait is 5 kilometers long and flows through the river that joins the Seirra River at the entrance to Shirz River.

Atmosphere of shirz

There are other attractions here except canyon himself, who is alone enough to walk and spend their leisure time. There are small springs and small waterfalls in the corners of the Strait, including Shirz Waterfall and the Falls of the Birds. The rocks of the cascade of birds have small holes, which are a good place to rest the birds.

Cave of God's Bridge in shirz

At the end of the shirz canyon(shirez), there is a cave of 150 meters in length and a river with a very cold water in it. The people of this area call this cave the bridge of God, and it is said that this cave is a memorial to the cave period. It is not recommended to go inside a cave with a naked foot, because the stones on the floor are sharp and may damage your feet. Also, be careful that it only reaches the mouth of the cave, and then it is absolute.

Rocky Minarets of shirz canyon(shirez)

With millions of years running and various atmospheric conditions such as wind and rain, as well as severe earthquake in the region, a pillar is formed in the Straits of Shiraz, which surprises everyone. The height of the rocky minaret is up to 80 meters above the cliff and has a diameter of more than 10 meters. They have named it stone minarets. Seeing it can be one of Canyon's attractions.

Weather of shirz canyon(shirez)

High mountains and relatively deep valleys have dominated the cold and mountainous climate. Moderate spring and summer, and autumn and cold winter are a characteristic feature of this type of climate. In the fall and winter season, it is temperate in summer.

Plants and animals of Shirz

In addition to geo-tourism attractions, the features of the breadth, bio-vegetation and animal life and natural scenarios of shirz canyon(shirez) are placed on the ranks of global geoparks. Oak and plantain trees are seen in Shirz. On the other hand, the generous of nature in different seasons will allow you to taste the taste of grapes, figs and wild pears. During the passage of Shirz, the sound of wild birds and their watching among the rocks for tourists is very interesting. Also, goats can be seen among the rocks, which are tall walls with playfulness and free and moving circles. The fish that is in the river make up part of this spectacular nature and appear in clear water.

The best travel season and route

The best time to travel to the shirz canyon(shirez) is late spring.

You can reach Kermanshah, Ilam or Lorestan to visit this strait. The best route to access the canyon is through the road. Two kilometers to the end of the road is a suitable land, and eventually it reaches a park with a fishing complex next to it. From here you have to walk along the path to the canyon.

Notice about traveling to shirz

There is a possibility to swim in this place and your lingerie should be wet, so have extra clothes. The cave is completely dark and you have to take the flashlight. Crossing the gorge and walking in cold water is difficult and you need to have good physical conditions.

Address of shirz canyon(shirez)

shirz canyon(shirez) is located between the provinces of Kermanshah, Ilam and Lorestan and is 50 km away from the north-east of kuhdasht. This wonder of nature is located in the district of Zardalan and in a region called Nahidghbad. When you enter the road of the children of Ghobad you will go to canyon. This is a path filled with colorful flowers that they see garnish the human spirit. The two kilometers to the end of the road are a dirt road and will begin by crossing the long stone path towards the canyon.

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