Most Beautiful Valleys in Iran as Tourist Attractions

Statues Valley and Coast in Hormuz as Tourist Attraction

Statues Valley or Valley of Imagination in Hormuz as Natural Tourist Attraction. There are stones in different shapes, with a few hundred meters to the beach, in the way that the silver sandstones shine. Each of these amazing gems is likened to an animal with the imagination of viewers; one on the sheep, the other, a chicken and a cock, and, to your liking, the dragon-shaped stones in various states. It can be seen from the shape of rocks that over the course of thousands of years, the island of Hormuz has gradually emerged from the water, the process of erosion on them has played.

Hormuz Statues Valley and Coast

Hormuz Statues Valley and Coast

Hormoz Silence valley

Hormoz Silence Valley

Silence Valley as Tourist Attraction in Hormuz

To get to the natural areas of the silent valley in Hormuz as natural attraction of island, you have to walk a few hundred yards to enjoy the salt landscape in this valley, reach the rocky wall at the end of this path and enjoy its unique beauty. Be amazed Specific silence in this valley.

kool khersan(khersoon) as Tourist Attraction in Khuzestan

The kool khersan(khersoon) valley or Dezful's Ghost Valley a natural tourist attraction in khuzestan is more than 200 meters deep and its walls are covered with Siavoshan herbs and waterfalls and beautifully watered canyons. The entrance to kool khersan(khersoon) is covered with trees (Cedar) and palm trees, and the massive gravestones and grapevine trees and wildlife figs have made kool khersan(khersoon) look like strange valleys of movies.

Kool Khersoon valley

Dezful's Ghost Valley

Kal Jeni Valley as Tourist Attraction in Khorasan

Kal Jeni is a very old valley, known to the natives as the Jinns Valley, located in the city of Tabas. Valleys and erosions of Tabas are Awesome and Hallucinatory. This valley is located 35 kilometers north of Tabas town and around the village of Ezmeyghan. The tunnels and holes in the walls of Kal Jeni valley date back to the Sasanian period. In the local language, the word KAL means valley.

Shamkhal valley

Shamkhal Valley has unique nature with long walls and low width. The valley is about 18 kilometers long and has an estimated wall height of up to 200 meters. The valley has a gentle slope Which at its entrance a village of the same name is located in a dense residential district.

Most Beautiful Valleys of Iran

Valleys of Iran; Iran is a vast country with four seasons and, in terms of nature, is one of the most comprehensive natural geographic structures in the world. The valleys of Iran are very diverse and exciting and spectacular due to climate variation. The valleys of Iran are considered as one of the main tourist destinations for being unknown to the tourists.

If we want to categorize the iran valleys of Iran as a whole, then we can be divided into three main categories:

  • Mountain valleys of Iran

    • Mountain valleys, which are mostly located around the Great Zagros mountain range, are located in the western part of Iran, and the water erosion factor has played a significant role in the formation of these valleys. In such places as the  Shirez canyon, the kool Khersan Valley, Raghez valley is this types.
  • Desert valleys of Iran

    • The desert valleys located in the center, east and south of Iran, and the wind erosion factor, have played a greater role in the creation of these valleys. The valleys like the stars valley, the Rage valley and the Kal Jenny in Tabas are of this style.
  • Forest valleys of Iran

    • The forest valleys in northern Iran are among the Alborz mountains. The structure and nature of the Alborz mountain range have been the main cause of the forest valleys of northern Iran. Like Darvishan valley in Mazandaran.

Apart from the special valleys in Iran, the geographic and earthy conditions of Iran in some regions have created unique mountains or hills. Like the Aladaglar Rainbow Mountains in Zanjan Or the Martian Mountains in Chabahar with a very fantastic and special appearance.